Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Further Character Analysis (2)

The female teenage character is going to be portrayed as a bright girl, who does well at school, but is derailed as she gets more involved with her new boyfriend. When thinking about this character we had influences from the character of Chlo Grainger in Waterloo Road.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Further Character Analysis

The male teenage character is going to be portrayed as a stereotypical badboy character, who hides away his emotions. When thinking about this character, we had influences from characters such as Cook from the E4 drama Skins, and also Bolton Smilie from Waterloo Road.

The male character in our film opening, has traits of these characters. They both retain bad boy images, but are actually not as hard as they make out to be. Cook from Skins is very influential to us, because his whole manner, and fashion sense, is the way we envisioned our character to be.

Linking Our Film Opening to Kidulthood

Before filming, we watched Kidulthood, by watching this film it give us a different outlook on how to flm our opening. As this film is based on a group of teenagers from West London, and our film opening is based on two teenagers who run away from home, we could make some links between the two. We could definitely use this film as a huge influence. Two of the teenagers from Kidulthood, "Trife" and Alisa, are facing relationship problems, because she is pregnant. They are stereotyped teenagers, and so are the teenagers in our film opening.

In the picture above, it shows "Trife" and Alisa, at the time of this screenshot they are both reaching break point, and can't handle what their going through. The teenagers in our film opening also face the problem of being homeless, and cannot deal with it.

Kidulthood is also a major influence for us, because it contains more urban music, which is the sort of music that we are using.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Filming is about to begin!

We are about to start filming our flim opening, but due to weather conditions, we are limited to the scenes that we do film, but none the less, we are going to begin filming!

Results of Our Questionaire

1. Which one of these would you most like to see in a dramatic romance?

Death 8
Violence 2
Happy Ending 1

2. Are you male or female?

Male 7
Female 4

3. How old are you?

Under 16
16 or Over 11

4. What kind of characters would you like to see in a dramatic romance?

Gangsters 3
Villainous 4
Soft characters 4

5. What kind of music would you expect in a dramatic romance?

Slow 4
Up tempo 4
Modern 2
Old fashioned 1

6. Do you prefer silence or music to build up tension?

Silence 3
Music 8

7. Do you like Dramatic Romances?

Yes 9
No 2

8. Who would you go to the cinema with/watch a Dramatic Romance with?

Girfriend/Boyfriend 7
Family 0
Friends 4

These are the results of the questionaire that me and Katie compliled, and then handed out to students. By having these results it will help us to make important choices in our film opening, and also it shows what sorts of things people like in the genre we have chosen.